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Effective immediately, IPC will be implementing an automated 'pay by minute' phone service for all machines not under warranty, $1.99/min. If you would like to enroll in a Tech Support Package to bypass the pay-by-minute charges, while receiving a discounted rate, then please check out the support tab for more details

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IPC has been making insert injection molding equipment and mold tooling since 1970.


IPC specializes in: Vertical injection, rotary table, insert molding machines and precision mold tooling.


Our (NEW) ECHO series injection molding machines feature a rotary table that is gear driven, it can seat 4, 6 or 12 molds. The ECHO machine uses Eurotherm compact logic controls.


Our BCCL  series injection molding machine features a rotary table that is servo driven can turn 90 degrees in 1 second  and seats up to 4 different molds. Barber Colman Maco 4000 logic controls with closed loop injection.


Our in-house tooling department helps IPC become a total

turnkey package solution for all our customers' needs.

Our statistic process control capabilities make data capture

and process reports simple. With our long experience as

specialists in the insert molding industry, we know what it

takes to compete globally, as well as locally. One of the keys

to your business success is your ability to deliver high quality

and value to your customers. You expect your equipment and

molds to deliver this same high quality and value. That is

what Illinois Precision Corporations equipment and molds

deliver. We have been delivering rotary insert injection molding

equipment and tooling manufactured to the highest standards of

America’s industrial heartland. All our products are American made. "Illinois Precision". Is more than a name. It’s our statement of quality. IPC is committed to innovation and quality. We provide precision parts, molding, mold tooling and machines for such industries as: medical, electronics, automotive, appliance, hobbies, sports, and many more. Over the past 30 years,

IPC has manufactured and sold its patented machines and its high quality tooling throughout the world. Our Mission is to provide one source for low cost molding machines and mold tooling.


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